MSLI September 2021 Newsletter
September 2021
PDF: “MSLI September 2021 Newsletter
MSLI March 2021 Newsletter
March 2021
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MSLI 2020 End of Year Report
December 2020
PDF (English): “MSLI 2020 End of Year Report
MSLI August 2020 Newsletter
August 2020
PDF (English): “MSLI August 2020 Newsletter
PDF (Português): “IMOLE Relatório – Agosto 2020
MSLI COVID-19 Newsletter
May 2020
PDF: “MSLI COVID-19 Newsletter
MSLI January 2020 Newsletter
January 2020
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MSLI August 2019 Newsletter
August 2019
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MSLI January 2019 Newsletter
January 2019
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MSLI July 2018 Newsletter
July 2018
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MSLI December 2017 Newsletter
December 2017
PDF: “MSLI December 2017 Newsletter
MSLI Presentation at Harvard Showcase
April 17, 2017
Cara Myers's Social Innovator Showcase presentation for SICI at Harvard Kennedy School
Link: YouTube
See MSLI's Work in Action
Roberto Mutisse 3-minute introduction to MSLI
Link: YouTube
Harvard Kennedy School's Policy Topics Blog
Summer 2020
Link: “Cara Myers MPA/ID 2018 helps feed children and build agriculture in Mozambique
Harvard Kennedy School's "Building State Capability" Blog
September 23, 2019
Link: “Guest Post: "PDIA Journey: The Mozambique School Lunch Initiative"
Harvard Gazette
June 13, 2018
Link: “Three HKS students take home President’s Innovation Challenge awards.
July 28, 2017
Link: “Mozambique School Lunch Initiative
The Seeds: Growing Ideas into Impact
November 19, 2018
“Food Security through Closed Loop Modeling”
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